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Posted by Satra Zurita on Saturday, March 2, 2019

Councilwoman Janna Zurita’s 6th Annual Autism Swim Adventures Club

Special Needs Children and their Families get Rare Swimming Pool Adventures
In Mayor Pro Tem Janna Zurita’s Annual “Special Needs Swim Adventurers Club”

COMPTON – Mayor Pro Tem Janna Zurita (Councilwoman 1st District) was determined to open the door to the splashing, giggling and playing in the water for special needs children through her “6th Annual Special Needs Swim Adventurers Club.”

The Club provides swim and water safety lessons to special needs children and their parents.

“We know that special needs children miss out on a lot of the joys of childhood that other children take for granted, so we wanted to change that by creating a way to show them how to safely have fun in the water and to experience the joy of swimming with their friends,” stated Zurita.

It provides children and their parents training in water safety techniques, swimming lessons and instruction on how to make playing in the pool a part of their summer recreation. Parental participation is a requirement.

Next year’s session is scheduled to operate from June 8 through August 10, 2019. For more information on the Swim Club contact Armani at 310-605-5510.